Concert Children

Created for the Oslo Chamber Music Festival 2017.

“Two dancers…took a seat on stage in front of the musicians. They played with facial expressions, modern dance and funny inventions that the audience who is bored at a concert can easily recognise themselves in. Kenji Wilkie was responsible for the fun choreography.”
- Espen Selvik, Dagbladet

The childlike brilliance and playfulness in Mozart's music suggested a subversion of the strict expectations of decorum and restraint in classical concerts with the inquisitive yet mischievous energy of children, especially when locked within an adult social frame. This context allowed the dancers to engage in a playful and humorous way with the music, moving through light-hearted conflicts and dramas, whilst exploring the choreographic limits of sitting in chairs during a chamber music concert.

Music: Ballet Music from Idomeneo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
performed live by the Oslo Chamber Music Festival Ensemble
Costume/Props: Kenji Wilkie
Dancers: Jonathan Olofsson, Anais Touret
Photography: Lars Opstad