Concert Children II

Created for the Oslo Chamber Music Festival 2018.

In the second iteration, the concert children went to Oskarshall for a summer picnic where they danced through the various moods of Vivaldi's seasons. Arriving fashionably late, after the musicians had already begun playing, the dancers moved exuberantly to summer before abruptly falling out of order as confusion and conflict arose as to whose turn it was to dance. Drama continued with the establishment of fan privileges during the heat of the day as well as allocation of space on the picnic blanket. Having danced their way through light hearted conflict, the dancers ate their sushi in the sun, dancing harmoniously for a brief time before brandishing their chopsticks as conducting batons, attempting to seize control of the music in a pompous and frenzied finale.

Music: The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi
performed live by students of the Norwegian Academy of Music
Costume/Props: Kenji Wilkie
Dancers: Astrid Lyngstad, Shaakir Muhammad, Jonathan Olofsson, Anais Touret