Created for Kraftmuseet exhibitions in Lindehuset 2020.

“A small seed can grow into a big dream. Building upon Knud Kundsen’s historic landscape photography, the dream takes shape through the symbiotic relationship of humans and the natural world, leading us through the passing seasons and phases of life.”
- Kine Liholm

“A story about a young boy who plants a seed. The seed germinates and grows as the boy ages. Through a year in the orchard, the audience joins in changing seasons and changing phases of life. History unfolds as a fantasy, in a landscape inspired by the pictorial pioneer Knud Knudsen, as he captures it through his camera. The story of man in battle with nature is conveyed through the latest in digital technology. Using four projectors, the room becomes dressed with the material, and an immersive experience envelops us.”
- Kraftmuseet

Choreographing in silhouette posed some interesting limitations whilst providing a clear aesthetic. The movements and shapes had to be considered in terms of their outline appearance due to the silhouette concealing everything within itself. The theme of cycles and transformation, found both in plants and humans inspired the approach to generating movement material. In certain moments the dancers portrayed farmers cultivating the land or celebrating the arrival of spring. In other moments they became the plants, their torsos rising trunks and arms reaching branches, bowing to the harsh winter winds. The storm abating, tentative hands like spring saplings reach upwards to pluck the ripe fruit, further intertwining the relationship between the farmers and the orchard.

Exhibition Designer: Kine Liholm
Video Artist/Composer: Simon Valentine
Technical Management: Logic Interactive AS
Dancers: Ida Haugen, Kenji Wilkie
Photography: Simon Valentine