Created for the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute as part of Oslo Kulturnatt 2021.

A structured improvisation performance involving music, visual art, dance and video design, Movements explored various levels of connection, both interdisciplinary and figurative, forming a rich audio-visual experience. Performed four times consecutively for different audience groups, the creative flexibility of the piece structure allowed each iteration to pass through the concept stages in different ways. Each improvised moment, made with a sensitivity and awareness between the artists, created a vibrant and intuitive cross art communication.

The first concept stage was one of arrival, where one of the dancers wandered through the architecture of the opera foyer, illuminating the patterned walls while being drawn towards the platformed stage and light painted wall. Another concept played with intensity of sound in the music and physicality in the dance, in relation to the proximity between the two dancers. This led into a vacuum of silence where one dancer initiated the direction of movement for the other, drifting him slowly through space. The fourth concept introduced the visual artist manipulating ink across glass, projecting slow shifting landscapes onto the foyer wall. The dancers paused to observe these motions, then began to dance with them, slowly becoming absorbed into the moving wall.

Producers: Vibeke Christensen, Eva Gran
Video/Director: Simon Valentine
Music: Verneri Pohjola, Tuomo Prättälä
Visual Art: Runi Langum
Dancers: Simon Regourd, Kenji Wilkie
Photography: Camilla Storvollen