Music And Dance Experience For Healthy Gestation

Created for Norwegian National Ballet RAW 2018.

“We are going to need to come up with new words to describe this piece.”
- Ingrid Lorentzen, Artistic Director

Interested in prenatal effects and development, the process began with the concept of making a piece designed for pregnant women, specifically for healthy gestation of the fetus, preparing it for and acclimatising it to the challenges of life after birth. By applying soft trauma through contemporary art by proxy of the mother, the offspring is then born already equipped with the tools to tackle its environment. These tools being; the ability to easily adapt to various and changing social grooves, to survive in a habitat of consumerism and to come to terms with alienation of action in a late-capitalist society.

Music: Exotica by Mauricio Kagel
Lighting: Paul Vidar Sævarang
Costume/Props: Masako Shimada, Kenji Wilkie
Makeup: Henning Noack
Dancers: Marco Pagetti, Ada Marthinsen, Kenji Wilkie, Riccardo Ambrogi, Elis Räätäri Nyström
Photography: Victoria Francisca