Next Step Into New World One - Rehearsal

Created for Norwegian National Ballet RAW 2019.

Working with the Kraftwerk track ‘The Robots’, the process for the first section began with finding different kinds of mechanical quality within movements. This developed into a range, running from complete motionlessness on one end, to continuous movement on the other. Congruently, an evolution in the complexity of individual decision making was found, as the dancers started with simple, repetitive and synchronised steps and ended up with energetic, improvised and independent sequences. This led to the dancers also forming a developmental arc in terms of their individual characters. Overall, the section became a choreographic representation of learning and development within the context of the music.

The second section began with the exploration of a similar evolution of discovery, in this case, focusing more on a change in emotional intention between two dancers. Starting with counterweight material that connected the two dancers whilst having their intention be outward and away, created a certain tension and communicative signaling quality, reflected in the melody of the track ‘The Man Machine’. This was followed by an improvisation sequence that split their connection, allowing them to follow their outward intention through space and move as separate bodies. Upon reconnection, the material switched its attention towards the space between the dancers, giving it a symbiotic quality, morphing and shifting with an interpersonal focus.

Starting with the use of mannequin pieces as props, the dancers experimented with different ways of moving with them. Out of this came interesting ideas such as parading mannequin bust banners overhead, hiding behind headless torsos, using arm extensions and plastic legs to create new lines and shapes. Some of these ideas were then structured into three islands of choreography - a dancer on each front edge of the space and four moving in a loop down its centre - which had independent tasks whilst maintaining a logic and level of interaction between them. Other ideas became part of unison material, fitting to the chorus in ‘The Model’ and matching its upbeat energy. The final piercing note, tempting a dancer to alter their body.

Music: The Robots, The Man Machine, The Model by Kraftwerk
Dancers: Sindre Berntsen, Idun Bækken, Ada Marthinsen,
Erik Murzagaliyev, Marco Pagetti, Freya Thomas, Kenji Wilkie
Photography: Victoria Francisca