Tour de France (stage 1)

Created for Prosess.Dans 2022 (a dance film production for the Norwegian National Ballet).

Adapting tracks from Kraftwerk’s Tour de France album to dance, the starting focus was to give the choreography a sharp racing dynamic with fast physical and technical movement phrases. Each duet would start on the bikes, racing each other and warming up, before moving to the floor to dance. While they danced, the next duet would already be on the bikes, trying to close the distance. As the dancers are pushed incessantly onwards by the beat of the music, the whirring and clicking of bike spokes, and the competitive energy of the race, they further blurred the lines and motions between cycling and dance.

Music: Prologue, Tour de France (Etape 1) by Kraftwerk
Lighting: Paul Vidar Sævarang
Costume: Sunniva Østerbø
Video: Unni Sanne, Anders Dahl
Editing: Unni Sanne
Dancers: Martelle Cho, Andrew Coffey, Simon McNally,
Shaakir Muhammad, Elise Nøkling-Eide,
Erika Pastel, Mathias Tannæs, Qu Xi
Photography: Jörg Wiesner