Tour de France (stage 1) - Rehearsal

Created for Prosess.Dans 2022 (a dance film production for the Norwegian National Ballet).

Highlighting the athleticism within dance and giving the choreographic material a sportlike, competitive quality that tied it thematically to the music became the starting point for the piece. This led to the idea to have four short duets that would enter from one side of the stage and, after dancing, exit on the other side, giving the audience the image of cyclists racing by them. Two exercise bikes were used as props, which the dancers would ride and race each other on before dancing. As one couple would leave the bikes and begin dancing, the next couple would already be on the bikes, applying a sense of pressure on those dancing, as their competitors. This racing structure of the piece created an intention of urgency for the dancers, adding a heightened dynamism to their movements.

Music: Prologue, Tour de France (Etape 1) by Kraftwerk
Video: Jørund Langeggen
Dancers: Martelle Cho, Andrew Coffey, Simon McNally, Shaakir Muhammad,
Elise Nøkling-Eide, Erika Pastel, Mathias Tannæs, Qu Xi
Photography: Helena Byrt